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Translation agency “Partner” — Your reliable partner in the sphere of subcontracting translation services, «Apostille» affixing, legalization and discovery of official documents in Ukraine and abroad.

We translate from and to over 45 languages, at special prices for translation agencies in Ukraine and abroad. Each of our translators – is high-class professional who specializes in a certain range of translations of any complexity. We translate in an urgent and very urgent manner, also we work on weekends.

Notarization of translations from (to) any language (s) for your company can also be done in the translation agency «Partner». We can notarize the translation of any documents without any restrictions.

Our specialists in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Cyprus and other countries will make Apostille, legalization and discovery of documents at partnerships prices. We also offer services on the authorization of documents issued by the civil registry offices in the Senior Department of Justice in all regions of Ukraine, Kyiv and Sevastopol.

Translation agency “Partner” also provides the service of authorization of documents in embassies (consulates) of foreign countries, as well as accredited translations for the Italian Embassy, followed by certification and the receipt of thedeclaration (Dichiarazione di valore), etc.

Translation agency “Partner” look up to work not only with Kyiv, but also with regions of Ukraine and other countries. You can send us the documents for notarization, apostille or legalization by courier or by mail.

Call us or send Your order to e-mail ua.partner@ukr.net, we will estimate the scope of work, calculate the price and terms of translation fulfillment and issue the invoice, if You are interested in non-cash payment. The payment can be effected in hryvnia (UAH), United States dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR).

The prices of Translation agency “Partner” are indicated for one standard page (one thousand eight hundred characters plus spaces or 240 words) in the target text. One standard page is the minimum order.

Language Price in Hryvnia
Russian, Ukrainian 50
English 100
German 100
Spanish 100
Italian 100
Portuguese 110
French 100
Polish 100
Azerbaijani 150
Arab 190
Bulgarian 120
Armenian 140
Dutch 200
Greek 150
Georgian 150
Estonian 160
Hebrew 170
Chinese 200
Latvian 170
Lithuanian 200
Romanian 100
Serbian 160
Slovak 180
Slovenian 160
Turkish 170
Hungarian 130
Finnish 170
Croatian 150
Czech 130
Danish 250
Kazakh 170
Korean 320
Norwegian 210
Uzbek 170
Swedish 250
Japanese 200
Vietnamese 250
Farsi, Dari 250
Latin 200
Hindi 300
Tatar 180
Crimean Tatar 180
Tajik 180
Belorussian 150

The prices specified include the value of translation itself, proofreading of the translation, printing of one copy of the translation and its electronic version. When the translation is of specialized subject, it may increase in value by 10% — 30%.

Notarial Certification of Translation (Notarized Translation)

Notarization of translations – 3 USD (2,5 euro).

Notarization of translation with certification of the authenticity of the copy, made from the original of the document — 3 USD (2,5 euro).

Certification of translation with Translation Services Agency Seal

Certification of translation with a seal of Translation Services Agency “Partner” — 2 USD (2 EURO)


Translation agency “Partner” +38(044) 221-15-88 will render You the service of Apostille certification of documents at the best prices within the shortest possible period of time.

Apostille may be placed in the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Ministry of Education of Ukraineon the following documents:

  • Notarized translation;
  • Other documents executed by notary;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • Divorce certificate;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Death certificate;
  • Police clearance certificate;
  • The decision of the court;
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (EDRPOU);
  • Certificate of state registration of legal persons;
  • Statute;
  • Certificate of state registration of individual entrepreneurs;
  • Diploma;
  • Addendum to Diploma;
  • Patent;
  • And many other documents, issued by state authorities of Ukraine.

Apostille – is a stamp that is affixed in accordance with “Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents for use in other countries” on the documents issued by public bodies for attesting the authenticity of the stamp, signature and position of the person, indicated in the document. This provides the recognition of the document as an official in other countries.

The prices of the Translation agency in Ukraine “Partner” on Apostille are the following:

Apostille certification service Term Price in Euro Price in USD
Apostille stamped in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine: birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates from 1 day 5,9 7
Apostille stamped in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine: other documents from 5 days 7,2 8,5
Apostille stamped in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine 1-5 days 5,9 7
Apostille stamped in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine 3 days 20,3 24,1
Apostille stamped in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine 10 days 11,9 14,1
Apostille stamped in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine (20 days) 20 days 15,6 18,5


The prices of the Translation agency in Ukraine “Partner” on the legalization of documents are the following:

Consular legalization service Price in Euro Price in USD
Non-urgent consular legalization (from 11 days) 14,1 16,7
Urgent consular legalization (from 5 days) 18,8 22,2

After notarization, apostille certification and legalization the originals of documents can be sent to you throughout Ukraine and worldwide by courier service.

If you wish to send us the originals of your documents for notarization, apostille certification or legalization, you must specify the following recipient’s address for documents delivery:

Translation Agency “Partner”, office 20, Antonovicha str. 47-A, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03150;

Tel: +38(044)221-15-88;

Professional services of the Translation agency in Ukraine “Partner” will certainly meet your requirements. Your first work experience with our company will lay the foundation to the long-term successful cooperation!